"The ERI personnel, under guidance of field Supervisor Mr. Austin McQueen, exhibited extraordinary teamwork as they remained focused on the client's needs and time constraints. The work at times proved challenging and was often performed under adverse weather conditions. ERI accomplished the work while maintaining a professional attitude throughout the project. They were especially innovative in identifying potential cost savings on the projects."

— Gary A. Clark, P.E.
Senior Engineer
Southern Company Generation - Hydro Services

ERI Completes Repairs to Lake Conestee Dam Sluice Gate

ERI Completes Repairs to Lake Conestee Dam Sluice Gate

Engineered Restorations, Inc completed closure of the west sluice gate at Lake Conestee Dam on 08/17/2012.  Design was by Caliber Engineering (Alan Johnson) & HRI, with minor field mods to address changing conditions.

After 12 days on the site, addressing water control, construction of back gate, bedrock drilling, construction of rebar framework, rock face cleaning, and construction of form, ERI pumped approximately 15 cu.yd. of special formulation concrete into the sluice gate cavity.

ERI creatively addressed some complex challenges, and in a very difficult work environment.

Project was completed within budget, scope, and on schedule (3 days weather / high flow delays).

The restoration work was funded through Conestee Foundation's grant through SCDHEC's Brownfields Restoration Program, with funds from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, administered by HRI on CF's behalf.

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