"It is our strong belief that Engineered Restorations and their team delivered the best product possible, and under the most difficult of conditions. The project was completed on-time and on-budget. They were outstanding to work with and we would recommend them to anyone in need of the services in which they specialize. "

— Randall Childers
Senior Director of Engineering
Hyatt Regency of Atlanta

ERI Begins Structural Repairs to Local Poultry Processing Plant

ERI Begins Structural Repairs to Local Poultry Processing Plant

In July of 2011, Engineered Restorations, Inc. was contacted by an engineering firm which they had worked with on several prior projects. A site visit was requested and made under what was considered an emergency condition.

Leaking water and various chemicals from a poultry processing plant had caused extreme reinforcement corrosion and, in turn, serious deterioration of the precast members and framework in a large storage and breezeway area under a portion of the plant. Of utmost concern was the damage to columns, both conventional reinforced and pre-stressed, which not only supported the floor above but also the roof above the floor. The entire area of the upper floor consisted of a 2" topping slab, 4" insulation, and a finished 6" topping slab. This area contains the plant freezer operations and is occupied with high-bay racking accessed by heavy forklift traffic. In addition to column deterioration, severe damage was occurring to the double tee stems and flanges and the double tee support beams. Due to the serious nature of the situation, ERI immediately began installing a shoring system designed by the engineering firm. Megashore type shores were installed under the beam ends to receive the loads on the columns which exceeded 200 kips at some locations. This was followed by shoring of the double tees, some of which had completely lost their portion of stem bearing sections.

The repair design included removal of deteriorated concrete, installation of new and supplemental conventional reinforcement, installation of new embed plates, replacement of over 70 double tee stem ends & flanges, and encasement of all columns, all of which has been completed to date. Additional repairs scheduled to take place include installing steel support  brackets to support the double tees along the perimeter walls, installation of a cathodic protection system consisting of embedded sacrificial anodes attached to reinforcement bars at the large support columns, and carbon fiber wrap to all columns and double tee stems to restore structural integrity.

Work is expected to be completed in early November, 2011.

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