"ERI was extremely professional, accommodating to our special circumstances, and very helpful when it came to explaining the work being performed. The work was done on time, as neatly as possible, and as close to budget as possible "

— Brian K. Kern
Property Manager
Childress Klein Properties

Plaza Towers ready for next half century

Plaza Towers ready for next half century

Atlanta’s first high-rise condominium community turns 46 this year and received a building facelift on the exterior fenestrations.  Engineered Restorations completed significant façade renovations and repairs to bring this iconic development back in line with it’s well heralded reputation of famous owners and architectural purist.  Built originally as apartments in the late 60’s, the condo conversion about 10 years later was one of Atlanta's first.  The highly acclaimed buildings received work by ERI including spall repair on building façade vertical sheer walls, balcony slabs, and balcony curbs.  Polyurethane sealants were applied to balcony slab cracks, wall dividers, and parapets with rubberized granules added for traction on balconies.  Exposed reinforcement steel was cleaned, primed and painted with corrosion inhibitors and the community is positioned now to house some of Atlanta finest high-rise dwellers for many years to come.



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