Masonry is among the most durable of building materials, but it is still susceptible to damage by improper maintenance or prolonged exposure to weather and moisture. If repaired or maintained on a scheduled basis most leaks or deterioration to interior structural supports and anchors can be eliminated. Repair and maintenance procedure performed by Engineered Restorations, Inc. include cleaning and sealing, tuckpointing, thru-wall flashing installation and replacement, mask / bag grouting, anchoring systems, and brick section repair and rebuild.

Stucco and EIFS

Stucco and EIFS (also referred to as synthetic stucco) are cement based products that are rigid in nature and unforgiving to movement or building settlement. When movement does occur, cracks may appear within stucco facades resulting in water infiltration and further damage to the stucco system.  Engineered Restorations, Inc. has the knowledge and resources for all of your stucco maintenance and repair needs.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer that has suffered cracks or chips by exposure to the elements or damaged due to other forces can be repaired or replaced to achieve the look of the original stone. Engineered Restorations, Inc. has successfully restored, replaced and re-anchored damaged granite, cast stone, terra cotta, marble, and limestone veneers utilizing various proprietary procedures. 

Glazed Curtain Wall / Storefront

Engineered Restorations, Inc. performs the following services to restore existing curtain wall and storefront systems: wet sealing windows and skylights to prevent water intrusion, metal window frame painting, snap-on cover replacement, rubber glazing gasket replacement, structural silicone glazing, and water penetration testing utilizing ASTM and AAMA standards.

Concrete Repair and Cleaning

Concrete structures crack, spall, leak, and deteriorate for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, improper design or construction, excessive movement or loading, and general weathering from the elements. Engineered Restorations, Inc. implements the use of polymer modified mortars and polyurethane grouts, and uniquely enhanced concrete mixes to repair and restore concrete to its original intended design. Cleaning of concrete is also performed utilizing water and abrasive blasting along with a variety of other methods utilized by Engineered Restorations, Inc.

Crack Repair and Sealing

Cracks in concrete which pose a structural threat can be injected with low-viscosity epoxy resin to effectively bond or weld concrete back together. A variety of materials and delivery systems are used by Engineered Restorations, Inc. to accomplish this sensitive repair procedure.

Plaza Deck and Paver Repairs

Engineered Restorations, Inc. has performed numerous plaza deck restorations with services that include:removal of old topping slab and waterproofing, repairs to the structural deck, planter drains and wall replacement, new waterproofing and drainage components, and installation of new pavers. 

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