"The ERI personnel, under guidance of field Supervisor Mr. Austin McQueen, exhibited extraordinary teamwork as they remained focused on the client's needs and time constraints. The work at times proved challenging and was often performed under adverse weather conditions. ERI accomplished the work while maintaining a professional attitude throughout the project. They were especially innovative in identifying potential cost savings on the projects."

— Gary A. Clark, P.E.
Senior Engineer
Southern Company Generation - Hydro Services
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Concrete structures can experience excessive foundation settlement and deterioration due to unstable soils or rock formations. Retaining walls can be effectively stabilized with tiebacks, soil nails, or grouted anchors. Foundations can be stabilized and can actually be raised with helical piers. Engineered Restorations, Inc. will often utilize these procedures in conjunction with cementitious grouting and shotcrete to achieve the greatest success and desired result.

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